today's inspiration: the fashion industry

The new Ruche fall collection invites to a little play. They show us how looks a professional and fashionable fashion indrusty - of course in the focus with their vintage dresses of the 2011 fall wardrobe. The scenery deserves a special mention. Which one would you like to be?

the visual consultant

 the event planner

the senior buyer
the associate editor

 the creative director
 the sketch illustrator
 the pattern developer
 the product manager
 the fashion designer
 the project engineer
 the buying advisor



Recently I spent a day with one of my besties, Gyöngy, to paint her room. These photos were taken there (by a same old zenit like mine), at her place and with her sisters, they are nice, right? :)

the Varga sisters

and me with Kincső and baby chickens :)
 photos taken by a zenit xp 12 machine
* by Gyöngyvér and me, all rights belong to us *


today's inspiration: Lourdes

Lourdes Hernández is a spanish girl and the singer of her one-man band, Russian Red. She is also known as the Spanish Feist, because her fatherland is Spain and every of her indie-folk songs is written, composed and sung by her, in English. This charming and lovely lady is full of with tenderness and with her songs she creats a round and perfect artistic world. The spanish Kling brand discovered this too and cooperated with her as a model in many of their campaigns for example in this last.

pics from here and here

A Kling portrait about her:

And my favourite song from Russian Red: