today's inspiration: blackboard

Blackboard from the school into your home? Yes! There are so many modern ways how to use the chalkboards at home thanks to the user-friendly blackboard paints that you can get in any specific store. Look at these photos as sources of inspiration! Aren't they great?
as a bed heading
leave messages in the toilet (maybe in a nightclub?!)
creative wall for studing, working, playing
recipe wall
painted into a shape
in the bathroom
in the kidroom
in the kitchen
on the table
in little photo frames
on the fridge
in a vintage frame
images via: 1,2,3,6,8 - hg.hu; 4,5,9 - the style files; 10,12 - green wedding shoes; 11 - this is glamorous


today's inspiration: baby dreamlands

I show you a Finnish programmer mother's beautiful and extremly creative wonderlands. After she has had a baby and spending so much time with her at home, fabricated glamorous dreamlands around her sleeping baby from day to day. These wonderful dreamlands are made from weekday things that she found at home: blankets, clothes, accessories. Wonderfully executed photos!


today's inspiration: carnival

Coming soon the Venice Carnival 2011, this beautiful italian festivity with breathtaking costumes and amazing handmade masks. In the beginnings this carneval was a celebration to hide the identity between social classes with the masks.



inspiring photos

photography by bruce weber
photography by anna wolf
photography by candace meyer
photography by candace meyer
photography by flora hanitijo
photography by kalle gustafsson
by monsieur chat from flickr
photography by stephanie s.
all images via this is glamorous