do-it-yourself #roosters

These roosters were made months before for a SuperStereo party, I've mentioned in a previous entry. I needed only a rooster shaped template (a big and a smaller) and a little creativty to decorate them. After a help from Monshatc Clothing to cutting out the templates and a help from my friend to patrol the city for commodity - thank you guys again-, these roosters got ready in some days to be SuperStereo party scenery. 

I hope you like the carpet in my digs :D


today's inspiration: wall stickers

There is an exibithion 1-20th november from the creations of the Hungarian Wall Stickers Competition organized in spring.
The top 12 Hungarian winner's works are now here, on Sofija! Enjoy the Hungarian motifs and feeling :)

Ilona Erdélyi: The Hen and the Soup
 Norbert Császár: Hussar
 Gyula Csík
 Anett Zsupponits: Lads
 Zsuzsi László: Gastro
 Szonja Kiss: I love Budapest
 Zsuzsi Nonn: Underskirt
 Norbert Császár: Cauldron
 Diána Nagy: Animals of the prairie
 Tamás Antal
 András Cseh: Tale
 Tamás Marcell

And the second round of the competition:
more on Hello Design!


Krakow 2010 
by zenit xp


today's inspiration: Dominic Wilcox projects

Dominic Wilcox is a crazy inventor-artist with several strange projects like these below.
Have fun :D
the business card-tie presenter:

the pencil and ivy shelf
the shadow drawing:

the xylophone bin:

the bed:

the field:

the football smoothie maker:

and so on here and here.


Mignonne again...

Olala!  I wrote about Mignonne Handmade in a previous entry, but beautiful and charming hairpices came out again. And ever since they had a webpage too with a great gallery!
via Green Wedding Shoes, by Ventola Photography