weekend pleasure

There was this weekend with my friends in our cozy home. 

* Photos taken by me with a zenit 12 xp camera. *

photo by Csilla


today's inspiration: Kinfolk Magazine

Recently - while I'm organizing my best friend's bachelorette party - I rediscovered the attraction of non-formal gatherings and meetings. The attraction as an intentional intimate time, a simple but detailed way to spend it together. To present this feeling I'm talking about, fortunately I came across Kinfolk Magazine,  the 'guide for small gatherings' as they define themselves. Actually they collect a lot of creative people and artists, host different vendors and make magical things - mostly dinners - together. Mainly it's about food and the value of being and cooking together, besides they give inspiration and ideas how to organize your own gathering including recipes, interviews, practical tips for design and details. 
And when you look at the pictures below, you can understand how much these details mean: the location, the decoration, the food you make, the caring for creating something beautiful with all these. Whether you are organizing a birthday dinner, a graduation, a family or friend get-together, or you just like cozy pictures, then take a sneak peek at this Magazine. 

They also capture moody videos for each volume or videos of recipes and dinners they organized. Don't miss to watch them too!
*all the photos and videos by Kinfolk Magazine*


Goodbye 2012

I just would like to share with you my last photos of 2012.

A lovely journey...

A football match with all of its excitement...

And some intimate moments with the atmosphere of fall. 

* And now let's welcome the new year, and waiting for its magical moments in 2013 as well *