today's inspiration: Imogen

Another great Hungarian brand: Imogen Clothes. Nice photos from spring and some piece from the summer collection. 


today's inspiration: Amel Kerkeni

A collection of Amel Kerkeni photographies from France. Nice fashion shots with special atmospheres, soft lights, great styling and adorable rework.


today's inspiraton: Anuska

These are photos from a young Hungarian girl, Anna Barta. She is attending a high school in Eger and she takes photos as a hobby in her freetime. But there is a promising future for her, because the captured moments are lovely and she has the talent to nicely give back the atmosphere how she sees her fairy world. Look:


today's inspiration: Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is an Australian songwriter - singer (at the same age as me!) and she has a really uniqe voice. Her songs are composed on an eclectic way including folk, pop and indie elements and sounds. I like her all style from her vintage clothing to her video clips, and i just would like to show you too the nice things that i found about her.