today's inspiration: lookbook illustrated by hands

A really nice and cheap variation on lookbooks: Whitney Pozgay's (maybe some Hungarian in her ascendants?!) brand, WHIT brought something new and playful into our technically bounded years. This '12 spring lookbook with the Aztec-inspired illustrations by Mary Matson (also worth a look!) makes me feel so relieved after those fully photoshopped and artificial shots that come out every day. Special congrats for the models reacting to the drawn environment. Have fun :)


today's inspiration: new waves in leather

How do you like them?

BAGGU style - like plastic grocery bag

ANVE like paper bags

An Etsy one: classic lunch bag

An envelope kind of from Chapin Leather

Kenton Sorenson dopp kit

And a DIY how to from the Style Scrapbook girl


today's inspiration: hungarian folk in the home

Let me introduce this Hungarian handmade mini faktum based on a very nice and simple idea: designing hangers with Hungarian folk motifs.  Judit Vigvári Design is a one-man undertaking, now also makes pillows and little home decor accesories. 

Egyszerű ötlet, gyönyörű kivitelezés, sokadik bizonyítéka annak, hogy még mindig lehet, és tudnak újat kihozni a magyar népi tradícióból, motívumokból - nem is csak az iparművészek, hanem pont az ehhez hasonló egyéni, kézműves kezdeményezések, otthoni minifaktúrák. Szeretettel mutatom be nektek a Judit Vigvári Designt!