today's inspiration: nanushka

here are some new lovely and chic pieces from Nanushka autumn-winter collection. Enjoy them :)


do-it-yourself #4

My self-made Happy Birthday garland to SuperStereo's party. Nothing special, just felled bannerettes from cardboard. After printed the letters on each piece, I sticked they to a strip. And voilá! :)

I'll shortly present to you the whole scenery of this party on Saturday by some pics. Until then wach our new video, shot in Split, during Viktor's rezident dj-work and eventually our holiday :)


today's inspiration: net-a-porter.com

NET-A-PORTER.COM is the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer. The award-winning website presents its luxury fashion in the style of a fashion magazine since 2000. You can find clothes from such fashion designers like Gucci, Stella McCartney or Victroia Beckham and they have a worldwide express delivery too. Here is a lovely autumn composition from net-a-porter.com by me. After having a glance at it, check their weekly online magazine!


today's inspiration: polka dots

Some lovely piece of French Déjeuner sur l'herbe collection. Inspiring shapes and samples from our childhood, from the mood of the provincial summers. Glamorous :)


today's inspiration: WAMP

WAMP- the Hungarian desing market. So many weird, individual young people at the Gödör Club in Budapest. Hungarian designers who are selling their self-made merchandises like their ancestors did it. Only this is in 2010 and you can see, feel, touch or buy modern and cool world-class designs: clothes, accesories, home furnishings.

WAMP says about itself that it is more than a design fair. It is a traveller, partner and the ambassador of the Hungarian designers. If you are one of these artists, you have the chance to be in the database and rent a stand in the market. If you are only an amateur let's get to the next fair 10th October!

See you there ;)


today's inspiration: France

I share with you a French fashion project, the French Connenction. Besides that they have beautiful clothes like these below, their PR is very fascinating, funny and simply. 

French Connection makes short films and the stories based on The Woman and The Man. They try to catch the most charasteristic features of the sex and it succeeds: with the French accent in the English narration, with beautiful models and with perfect film approaches the French Connection is a touchy and fragile European fashion ideal for women and men too. Moreover they shot their campaign of autumn/winter 2010 in Budapest, you can find a funny report on their website.
This is The Woman in Budapest:

and The Man:

Of course you should see their other videos too!