today's plant-inspired motif

Here is the talented graphic designer, Sándor Szalay. This is from his portfolio on Behance Network: a packaging for the Hungarian Schiszler Pálinka. Love his organic Art Nouveau style, beautiful on the bottle and box too!

today's inspiration: Mignonne

photos by Sloan Photographers
You can wear these beauties in your hair, on your jacket or as a necklace. The creator was
the Mignonne Handmade, it says: 'Each flower is handmade by yours truly, hand cut, pressed with a vintage milliners iron and hand sewn together (...) they are not "perfect" factory made looking pieces, they are all individual and have their own character and quirks.' Yes! Each piece is so fascinating, I would like to fabricate a necklace like this one. I will tell you if it succeeeded ;)


SuperStereo on Campus

And now here is a video made by my boyfriend Viktor -he is the protagonist- and me. He is a dj, plays electro balkan music. This is a promo vid for the Campus Fesztivál in Debrecen, Hungary, where he is going to play on Friday night.
We made this vid in 24 hours with a borrowed camera. We put out his music stuff in the window at home and did a half-our filming: he was playing music while the passers were going along the street. I recorded Viktor's buffoonery, when he informed the people about his party, and that how he pranced and knocked them. We catched a lot of funny faces and tried to piece together these moments in a funny and impressive way. I think it succeeded, thanks in large part for the music. Viktor made this latter and cut the video together. Waiting for Friday :)


do-it-yourself #1

What can we do from paper tissues? If you have 10 minutes, pick up some and you'll see it!
1. take apart the slices
2. get scissors, glue and some strasses (or pearls or buttons)
3. cut irregular circles, increasingly smallers, stick ech other and finally stick the strass in the center. Do not forget to rumple the edges to taste.

Tadaam, here is your own, self-made pin. Place it on your jacket, blouse, hair- slides or use as a dekor element! Have a fun ;)


today's inspiration: sugar

Yeah, this is the first hungarian design confectionery, the Sugar Shop. Soo many candies and cakes, hmmm. Check out the washbasins and the tables, there are lollipops inside! So creative and cute ^^

You can take a look at their cakes at the webpage ;)


today's inspiration: Deep Forest

Photo by zenit 2009
And this is a beautiful song from the worldmusic with a fantastic hungarian voice: Márta Sebestyén.

This is its official video full of with wonderful, Oriental and omnifarious nation's associations. Enjoy sound and visuals togehter:


today's inspiration: frame

Shoes: second-hand shop; wallet: market; sunglasses: it was my grandmother's; Frida- mirror: my friend brought from Antwerpen; mouse: G-Cube; earrings: SIX; photo frame: it was in the outbuilding.