today's inspiration: vinyl clocks

I've made some clocks from old vinyl records and now I present you two of them in two style: one made for a friend and one for SuperStereo. Fist I tried to make it from original bakelite you know, that smaller sized one. But it's very fragile and while I tried to affixed the clockwork it broke in my hands. So finally I chose the bigger vinyl. It's very easy to make it, you need only a vinyl and a clockwork. The decoration depends on your creativity: you can use stickers or decupage-technique or whatever else. 

handmade vintage #2

Another handmade case with lace, fitting and with the name of my friend, also a gift for christmas :)


today's inspiration: handmade vintage

A romantic vintage handmade session. The little case, necklace and flower is handmade by me. For the case I used woodstains, paper with a printed name, the whole aged with black tea and decorated with little copper fittings. It was a gift for a friend. For the necklace I bought a simple lace and nice fittings in various samples clenched togehter with little rings.
 Wristlet: was my mom's;  earrings: Orsay.


today's inspiration: Poisjardin

Zsuzsi Kardos is a student at the same university where I am and she has a blog, the Poisjardin, means Spotted Garden. Zsuzsi fabricates hand-sewn thingummies (mostly from felt) for everyone, it's a whole wonderland: beauty cases, magnets, pillows and other belles for pleasure to our eyes. Each one is individual piece based on Zsuzsi's own ideas. Now I let you an insight into the workroom of Poisjardin.

Kardos Zsuzsi egy debreceni egyetemista lány, aki a Poisjardin, azaz Pöttyös kert nevű blog szerkesztője. A "Bigyók mindenkinek" jelmondat mögött egy kész csodavilág áll: mindenféle izémizé filcből, mintás anyagokból a hűtőre, kitűzőnek, neszesszernek, vagy csak úgy, szemet gyönyörködtetni. Minden egyedi darab, Zsuzsi saját ötleteiből saját keze által varrva. 
Bepillantást nyerhettem a Poisjardin- műhelybe, Zsuzsi kollégiumi szobájába, és most a képeimen keresztül ti is ízelítőt kaphattok a remekművekből.

 Neszesszerek/beauty cases:




Hajba- és fülbevalók/hair pieces and earrings:

Muffin díszdobozzal/muffin with gift box:

Üvegbe zárt mesevilágok/dreamlands closed in glass:

Kitűzők és hűtőmágnesek/badges and magnets:

If you like these pieces from Zsuzsi or you would like to order from her, contact here: noparking@citromail.hu.
Ha megtetszettek a gyönyörűségek, a noparking@citromail.hu email-címen felveheted a kapcsolatot Zsuzsival, aki rendelésre is készít termékeket!


today's inspiration: Californian vintage

Beautiful vintage style and ideas by Ribbons and Rust, a Southern Californian rental company. All things that were our grandma's and earlier times' :)
photography by Brandon Kidd via GWS


today's inspiration: Advent decoration

Some Advent decoration inspiration for you. Dim litghts and my giant snowflakes made from paper tissue in a boring corner of the hall. From today it's not boring, indeed! Pleasant sight and holiday mood :)


today's inspiration: sweet home

A charming handmade afternoon at summer on my mom's birthday.
Sweet Home
pohotos by zenit 2010