memory drops


do-it-yourself #3

Hello everybody, 
during a beautiful holiday -and work of course-, and after so so many ice in my drinks I caught cold. So over the past few days in my boredom I inaugurated two virgin canvas that I bought on discounted price in a drugstore. I had varied feelings for the holiday and the cold, so two different style were born on my collages. 
One picture is clear-out, and reflects harmony with the white lace, dried flower and pastel colours. 

On the other you can feel the impact of the holiday, the places where I was. This picture was painted with a sponge, after that I printed on it some rose samples. My printer was a half potato - with a sharp knife I cut the rose sample in it and dipped it in the paint. The girl with flowers is a picture from the Internet, sticked it with napkin technique whereas I painted it. And of course there is my handmade textile- flower too. So, hope you like it :)


do-it-yourself #2

As I promised at my previous Entry, I have prepared a necklace like the Mignonne one. Some remaining denim fabric was the reason for this happening. I made three rose shape in various sizes then I preened on them some beads and slitched them togehter, finally affixed on a lace.The whole is sewn,so it was not difficult to do ;) Hope you like it!

I picked together a lovely apparel for it:
Top: ordered from a magazine; reticule: from a Canadian aunt; leggings: Zara.

And the necklace looks in this way on your neck:


retrospection: SuperStereo on Campus

New video! Now you can see, what a big bang was the SuperStereo dj set on the Campus, on that memorable Friday :) The video has made under Kokas Produktions name - it is our idea of a corporation common with Viktor. Music by Viktor, shots and cuts by me.


today's inspiration: the 60's

Our mother's girlhood, the time of the dance festivals was very sassy and graceful, chaste and skittish. I love this period in terms of fashion and music too. I collected the most fashionable hungarian divas of the 60's, from left to right: Zalatnay Sarolta, Kovács Kati, Toldy Mária, Harangozó Teréz, Koncz Zsuzsa, Fenyvesi Gabi and Mary Zsuzsi. They were our mother's exemplar and their songs with the orchestras are evergreen hits also nowadays!

Enjoy one of my favourite song of these:


today's inspiration: summertime

A graceful summer garment.
Blouse: Bershka; skirt: Zara; belt: from my mother's wardrobe.
Take an ice cream in it :)