do-it-yourself #3

Hello everybody, 
during a beautiful holiday -and work of course-, and after so so many ice in my drinks I caught cold. So over the past few days in my boredom I inaugurated two virgin canvas that I bought on discounted price in a drugstore. I had varied feelings for the holiday and the cold, so two different style were born on my collages. 
One picture is clear-out, and reflects harmony with the white lace, dried flower and pastel colours. 

On the other you can feel the impact of the holiday, the places where I was. This picture was painted with a sponge, after that I printed on it some rose samples. My printer was a half potato - with a sharp knife I cut the rose sample in it and dipped it in the paint. The girl with flowers is a picture from the Internet, sticked it with napkin technique whereas I painted it. And of course there is my handmade textile- flower too. So, hope you like it :)

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