today's man-thing

The Mods Store and Sofija now presents SuperStereo's acting clothing. The Mods Store is a shop in Debrecen, represents the Mod culture and lifestyle both clothing and spiritually. The Mod was a subculture in London in the '60s: rebellious youngsters who often provoked street fights against rockers, hippies. They tried to stand out with their fashion-centeredness, with the elegant College Boy styled clothing, Vespa- scooters and with mainly ska music. Maybe you has't known so far, but the most important Mod-representative band was The Who.
The boss of this store is friend and supporter of SuperStereo, so thanks to him we could see Viktor on his shows in Fred Perry shirt. Also with the Mods Store- support got ready the first SuperStereo molino, the most important element of Viktor's publication. 
Today broadened the SuperStereo- wardrobe with a new Mods Store piece, a really fine knit vest. 
Nice pairing:

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