today's inspiration: blackboard

Blackboard from the school into your home? Yes! There are so many modern ways how to use the chalkboards at home thanks to the user-friendly blackboard paints that you can get in any specific store. Look at these photos as sources of inspiration! Aren't they great?
as a bed heading
leave messages in the toilet (maybe in a nightclub?!)
creative wall for studing, working, playing
recipe wall
painted into a shape
in the bathroom
in the kidroom
in the kitchen
on the table
in little photo frames
on the fridge
in a vintage frame
images via: 1,2,3,6,8 - hg.hu; 4,5,9 - the style files; 10,12 - green wedding shoes; 11 - this is glamorous


  1. Hey there. You have used one of my photos (my son drawing on his bedroom wall w/blue clock) without my permission. Please delete the photo or add a credit and link to the original source (http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurafrantz/3277050658/). Thanks.

  2. Hi Laura, I'm also taking photos and also taking care about property rights, but i found this photo here: http://hg.hu/cikk/festes/6309-iskolatabla-a-gyerekszoba-fala
    and i couldnt find more infos about it, so i wrote this webpage as a source. Now i corrected it.
    Have a nice day